Ruff Life: After Facing Down Death, Ozzy Becomes Prince of Barkness

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DALLAS -- "I think we're the icing on the cake because he got a second chance at life."

Those were the words of recent dog rescuer Bobbi Purnomo when asked about her new family member, Ozzy Pawsbourne.

Ozzy may be the Prince of Barkness, but it wasn't that long ago that his life was more dark than bark.

"Two vets didn't want to try to save him because he was so sick," Purnomo said.

What's on the outside definitely didn't tell the story with this one. Ozzy looked pretty normal when he was taken off the street. He was a little light but no worse for wear. Inside though, he had heartworm so bad the vets recommended euthanasia.

Dallas Pets Alive! saw a spark in the Pawsbourne pup, though, and like his Black Sabbath namesake, he's a survivor.

"Fast forward about six months, and he's a happy, playful dog around 20 pounds heavier," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman.

The Prince of Barkness got better and took full advantage of his second chance.

"His name, Ozzy Pawsbourne Prince of Barkness, caught our attention," Purnomo said.

Ozzy's name may have peaked the interest of the Purnomo family, but it was his resilience that reeled them in.

"You'd think it would break his spirit, but it didn't," Mrs. Purnomo said. "He's still a really happy dog, and we're just really thankful for all the love and care he got before we got him."

And like Ozzy Osbourne, this big boy has a pretty distinct bark.

"His bark is in between a howl and a bark, and it's hilarious," Purnomo said. "We call him the Hound of the Baskervilles when he starts doing that."

After surviving a very ruff start, Ozzy Pawsbourne probably doesn't care what he's called. This Prince is now a Purnomo.