Man Arrested For Making Terroristic Threats At Denton Courthouse

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DENTON -- Considering the events taken place in our country over the past week. terroristic threats can never really be blown out of proportion. So when Denton Police got a call to respond to the courthouse Wednesday morning about a man speaking "irrationally," they prepared for the worst.

"With the current issues around the states now, we wanted to make sure everything was clear," Orlando Hinojosa with Denton PD explained.

Cops say 28-year-old Peshwaz Azad Waise made several stops that led ultimately to his arrest.

One of his first stops was at an IHOP on the University of North Texas campus, where he was reportedly acting and speaking irrationally.

UNT police issued him a notice of trespass before kicking him off campus. Waise then went to the Center for Women at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, demanding people take the Koran from him and put it in the chapel, "or die."

Before police arrived at the hospital, Waise left to make his way to the Denton County Courthouse.

"When he arrived here at the court house, he went inside through security then went into the lobby and was loud enough to get the attention of a sheriff's deputy," Hinojosa said.

Police say Waise told security that he was "the king" and "anybody who touches him is going to bleed."

Although police said Waise didn't make any bomb threats, they checked his car before impounding it. Waise was arrested for making a "terroristic threat."