Trump Visits Dallas for Rally Thursday

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DALLAS -- Ready or not, here comes Donald Trump.  The GOP's presumptive nominee is stopping by Big D for a surprise rally on Thursday.

Yeah, the stop wasn't even on his website until Wednesday afternoon!  But now, Gilley's Dallas will host a 7pm Trump-for-Prez rally.

Planning this surprise party was a bit of an adventure for the billionaire's campaign. They tried to book Grand Prairie's Verizon Theater and a venue in Irving, but both turned them down, citing concerns over short notice and insufficient security.

That second bit's no small concern, either. The divisive presidential hopeful has been stirring up protesters everywhere he goes.  Dallas was no exception last time he was here, and more demonstrators are being organized this time as well.

"We will be giving Donald Trump a warm, hot, Texas welcome," community activist Domingo Garcia said at a press conference Wednesday. "We will be having a peaceful, nonviolent protest."

Garcia said his group was protesting Trump, referring to his "intolerance," and "bigotry."

"We anticipate at least 1,000-10,000 people," Garcia said.

Irving and Grand Prairie might not have the police force to deal with that, but Dallas' finest apparently feel up to the task.  They spent time Wednesday morning gearing up and practicing riot drills.

It's probably no coincidence, either, that Team Trump would choose a spot conveniently located right across the street from DPD headquarters.

Hey, here's hoping Thursday night goes smoothly, and that DPD's riot gear isn't necessary.