Guess What Texas? It’s Hot Again!

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Although summer doesn't officially start until Monday, the high temperatures and high humidity have us forgetting spring ever happened. The National Weather Service released the year's first heat advisory and they aren't playing around!

The advisory is set for all of North Texas until tomorrow. Yet, our very own Kevin Roth says he wouldn't be surprised if this heatwave stayed with us through the week.

If we compare last year to this year, the average temp was 82° degrees and we didn't hit 100° until July 26th. Today alone, we're going to hit a sizzling 95° as a high, but it'll feel a whole lot hotter!

The heat index is a scorching 105° today.

Sheesh, talk about sweltering!

We definitely need to stay hydrated, keep the fluids going throughout the day and try to leave the workouts for early morning or in the evening when the sun isn't blazing.

And one more reminder, double check those back seats for kids, or pets. Cars can heat up to unbearable temperatures in minutes.

With that said, good luck out there!