Gator-Aid: Alligator Sightings at Lake Worth

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LAKE WORTH - It's hard to think a gator could snatch away a two-year-old child at a Disney World resort hotel, but it happened Tuesday night.

Dealing with alligators in Lake Worth is also hard to swallow.

New video posted Tuesday is proof gators are alive and well on the lake, which has families with young kids living all around it.

Emails have been sent out warning homeowners about alligators in the area, especially as the lake re-opened this week after heavy flooding.

"He was spotted right along this creek right here as you can tell it's a perfect environment for him. It's very swampy, It almost looks Louisiana a Louisiana type of swamp," Noe Nieto said.

Neighbors say no pets have gone missing  so far. And, they say, even after the Florida snatching, they're hoping the gators in Lake Worth won't attack anyone.