Dalila’s Leftovers: Abacus

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DALLAS -- Because I work in news, it's pretty safe to say I'm often Starving on a Budget. Ha! But, every so often I get a chance to dip and dabble in the fine dining scene. And my latest stop for Chew on This happened to be Abacus.

Most people know this place to be a Dallas staple, having survived many years. And after trying the food, I see why! Abacus' Chef de Cuisine, Chris Patrick, has created some pretty amazing dishes. From the beef tartare, to the quail, to my favorite -- the long bone pork chop wrapped in Nueske's bacon.

Swine swoon!

In addition to the perfectly cooked meat, Chef Patrick is pairing this dish with peaches and Hummingbird bread. It's like Thanksgiving in summer!