Comfort Dogs to the Rescue! Furry Friends Help Those Affected by Orlando Shooting

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FORT WORTH -- Don’t you just love dogs? You know, man’s best friend, the pooch, the tail-wager, and the four-legged buddy who is always there, no matter what?

The chemistry between dogs and humans goes back many years. Therefore, it’s no surprise they have been called upon to comfort the people of Orlando after the tragic events. It comes at a time when some need a furry friend more than ever.

And that's where these comfort dogs come in!

A group of specially-trained dogs from all over the United States helping to give that emotional support you sometimes can only get from a dog, like listening.

In Fort Worth, we have our own team of cute canines handing out wet kisses in Orlando. One of those cuties is Phoebe, who even posted a picture on Facebook as she headed out.

Gentle giants like Phoebe are trained for about a year to 18 months and are extremely experienced in getting people to open up about their fears. Allowing someone to completely pour their heart out, knowing the comfort dog is there for you.

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