TravelFix: Finding Cheap Flights Around the World

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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE -- If you want to become a world traveler, then you're going to need to hop on a few flights -- but not just any flights.

In this edition of Travel Fix, our Hungry Partier Drew Binksy takes some time off from his trip in Singapore to help you get where you're going for less.

"Tip number one with flights: There's a bunch of different search engines out there but I like to use Google Flights and Kayak," explains Drew. "Those are the two most reputable ones and they have the best options.”

He says he likes the flexibility that Google’s site has to offer.

"On Google Flights, it'll come up with all of the dates and the cheapest day to fly on that date. Also, you can search for what are the best airlines to fly, so once you get a list of all the airlines then it helps to go to the airline's specific website instead of the search engine and then sometimes you can find a deal on their site or if they're offering a promotion or something like that."

Drew also said there are cheaper airlines you may not even know about.

"If you're flying from New York City to Berlin, you don't want to fly the non-stop flight, that's too expensive. You can break it up so you fly to London first which is cheaper ten you can switch airlines to a budget airline. There's WizFare Air, Wow Air, Ryan Air in Europe, there's a bunch of budget airlines and then you can fly from London to Berlin for cheap, 30, 40 bucks."

If you want to check out more tips from Drew, you can visit or find out where he's at right now by adding him on Snapchat @drewbinsky.

Happy traveling!

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