Store Caters to Adults Who LIKE to Wear Diapers — Uhh…

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MOUNT PROSPECT, IL — A store has opened in the Chicago suburb of Mount Prospect that caters to adults who wear diapers.

No, not because they need to, but because they enjoy it.


John-Michael Williams opened Tykables because he says the fetish is more common than you may think. Williams told WGN News that it’s the first brick-and-mortar store in the country catering to Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers or the AB/DL community.

Tykables also offers a “nursery” space including a giant crib, high chair, and a rocking horse.

Some who live in Mount Prospect have expressed concerns about the business, but Williams wants to make sure people aren’t confused about the AB/DL community. He told Eye Opener it has nothing to do with children. “There is no correlation or relation to the actual children. The aspect is that you are role-playing as that age, no to be with  someone that is that age.”

“I think that the biggest concern that is out there, is actually coming from people who don’t just understand our business, and what we actually do,” said Williams.

Additionally, Williams says people under 18 won’t be allowed inside.

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