Plano Shop Saves Shoe Soles & Veterans’ Souls at the Same Time!

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PLANO -- In a way, your shoes tell a story. Whether they're your beat up tennis shoes or stiletto heels, they all tell a tale. So wouldn't you want to keep those stories alive?

Well, a Plano-based shoe repair is doing just that.

Welcome to the Shoe Repair Butler where taking something that's worn out and making it new again is what they're all about.

Manny McCarroll, founder of Shoe Repair Butler, is a military veteran and has serviced soles for the United Nations and 4,500 diplomats around the globe, as well as for Christian Louboutin.

But now he wants to service the souls of veterans.

The shop had its grand opening at a Walmart Superstore in McKinney Thursday night. And not only are they hoping to go nationwide with this partnership, the chance to change the lives of dozens of veterans is closer than ever.

Now, we know becoming a cobbler might not be at the top of the job list. In fact, it's pretty hard to even find someone to fix your shoes these days, but McCarrol wants to step all over that stereotype by opening up a cobbler school and hiring and training vets to do the job.

The main mission now is for the rest of us to walk a day in their shoes.

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