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DFW Boxing World Relates to the Great Ali

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ALLEN - It’s a sad day in the boxing rings of DFW.  But the show must go on for one MMA fighter who’s training for an upcoming fight on June 24.  Sean Holden stopped to  remember the knockout dynasty of the 'Greatest'. "He came out with different combinations, rope-a-dope, check-hooks," said Holden.

Ali's fighting style raised the bar in boxing technique.  Fighters point to Ali's work ethic, training day after day, which he made look easy. "You don't just get out there and slug it out. There's a lot of science to it and he helped develop it. In a way he was a physicist," Holden said.

Pugilists from Title Boxing Club of Allen say it’s Ali’s motivation that will also stand the test of time around their boxing ring. “What he made people feel is that you can accomplish anything. He believed that will was greater than skill and that's what we believe here," said Michelle Currier, Title Boxing Club of Allen owner.


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