Comedian Aries Spears Talks MADtv Coming to The CW & More

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DALLAS -- He can imitate a good DMX and an even better Shaquille O' Neal! Aries Spears is known as one of the best comedic entertainers in the industry. His live shows are downright dirty, raw, and most importantly: funny as hell.

Aries has been in the game for over 20 years.

"Stepped into the game when I was 14, did Def Jam when I was 16 and the rest is history," Aries told NewsFix.

Off stage, Aries has been in a number of movies, voiced some of your favorite cartoons, and produced a few projects of his own. To this day, he says his "bread and butter" would ultimately be his stand up.

"Stand up is the ultimate ego booster because it's all you," Aries said. "When you step out on that stage, you're the writer, the star, the director and if it fails -- it's on you."

He proudly tips his New York Yankee fitted to Eddie Murphy -- who he claims was a huge inspiration growing up!

"Eddie Murphy was a big influence of mine in the 80's watching him on SNL," Aries explained. "I did a little bit of research and we both have the same birthday, same sign, so I kind of used all of that as motivation."

One thing that undeniably stands out about Aries is that he can imitate just about any and everybody. He spent a lot of his time on the sketch comedy series MADtv impersonating celebrities like Denzel Washington and Queen Latifah. Although, most stars get a kick out of it, Aries says LL Cool J isn't very cool about it.

"He's a prima donna. He takes his self real serious, so if anybody messes with him in any way, he gets his G-string in a bunch," Aries said of LL. "He's had every body on Lip Sync [Battle] but me, and I've reached out to him on Twitter."

While Aries awaits a DM from LL, he's also cooking up some stuff for The CW's revival of MADtv.

Word is, producer of the hit comedy sketch is bringing in some new talent but mixing in some of the old heads. Aries says the substance of the show will determine if the revival will play out as a hit or miss.

"If they do a good job and build it, there will definitely be an audience there," Aries added.

He also told NewsFix that he's in talks with the producers and hopes to make a couple of cameos, "I'm sure they'll bring me back and sprinkle me in a bit."

But in the meantime, Aries is wrapping up another one-hour comedy sketch in Philly, a TBS pilot for a show, and a tour in Abu Dhabi.

Want to know more about Aries? Check out his #5Fixes:

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