Christina Morris Kidnapping Trial Will Stay in Collin County

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COLLIN COUNTY, Texas -- For almost two years, Christina Morris’ family has done everything they can to keep her name and her face in the news. That’s why the man accused of kidnapping the 23-year-old Fort Worth woman was back in court Friday morning.

Enrique Arochi’s lawyers were trying to get the trial moved out of Collin County, arguing it would be impossible to get a fair trial because of the non-stop media coverage of this case.

“I think the facts are the facts no matter where they are stated," Christina Morris' stepmom, Anna Morris, told NewsFix. "It doesn’t matter. We would still have the same judge, the same witnesses, the same evidence whether it's here or anywhere else."

It turns out, that evidence will end up in the hands of a jury in Collin County. The judge denied Arochi’s request to move the trial.

“Keeps us from traveling, makes it easier on us,” said Christina's dad, Mark Morris.

“Our main focus is really not on what is happening in the courthouse, it's about what's happening to find Christina,” Anna Morris said. “We are hoping every day when we get up in the morning that today is the day that if we don't get the call that we’ve found her, that we get the call with some new information.”

So far, that call hasn't come. The trial is scheduled to start in September.

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