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Where Have All the Texas Drive-Ins Gone?

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By Alexis Stice, NewsCastic

Nothing is better than the old school charm of a drive-in movie theater. Parking where you’d like, waiting for the sun to go down and kicking back and relaxing in the front seat.

This is an unforgettable experience everyone needs. While they have become somewhat extinct we were able to track down a few in Texas.

Galaxy Drive-In Theater


Located in Ennis, TX (just a small drive away from Dallas) is this stunning and beautiful place to enjoy the latest summer films.

It includes double feature showings, making the cost so worth it. Enjoy a night out with the kids or plan a romantic date with that special someone, by taking them to this drive in.

Bonus? It’s away from the city which makes is so relaxing.

Coyote Drive-In


With locations in Fort Worth and Lewisville you have no excuses not to give them a visit! Be sure to buy your tickets online and you can skip the line and grab the best parking space because who wants to be without the best seat in the house?

Also, they have a full menu complete with a beer and wine menu. X-Men and Dos XX? Yes, please.

The Showboat Drive-In


The Showboat Drive-In is located in Hockley, TX. It is just outside of Houston and also has a double feature making it budget friendly and more money for gas. Fans rave about the concessions and $5 tickets which sound absolutely perfect.


Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In


Austin is known for its quirky nature, and this is no exception. It’s the first and only “mini urban drive-in!” Another bonus? Instead of being in the middle of nowhere, it is actually located in town. Have a mini getaway with the comfort of home. Even the name sounds quant and fun.


Town & Country Drive-In


This drive-in is located in Abilene and is an experience like no other.

When the Town & County opened (with Guys and Dolls) on June 21, 1956, it was reported that $250,000 had been spent on its construction, and it was billed as, ‘The Biggest Drive-in Theatre in Texas.’

Customers love the affordable yet delicious concessions topped with superior customer service. It has the nostalgic feel which makes the experience so much better.


Brazos Drive-In

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When the sun goes down, Brazos Drive-in is alive and kickin’! Customers flock to this Granbury hot spot for the latest and greatest in entertainment. They even have ongoing Groupon deals making this outing much more affordable and a great excuse for a little road trip from DFW.


Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theater


Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theater has locations in both New Braunfels and Lubbock. They have a fully operational diner which adds to the vintage charm of drive-ins. Tickets can also be purchased online which is great for those that love the convenience of modern technology but want to have a good old time.


Graham Drive-In Theater


This drive-in is located in Graham, TX and is the town’s pride. Watch a movie under the stars for a relaxing time like no other. They have picnic tables to dine at and eat their local fare if you feel like stretching your legs and getting out of the car.

Bonus: the theater also has Throwback Thursday screenings and plays old films like Grease!


Tascosa Drive In Theater


This is a must see located in Amarillo. It has state of the art modern technology combined with the old-fashioned charm that we love. The unbeatable sound and picture are absolutely extraordinary. Grab one of their Groupons and save while having a good time.


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