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Simon Says: Don’t Blame Social Media for Teacher-Student Sex!

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DALLAS -- Everything is bigger and Texas, and lately , no one does  teacher-student sex better than schools here.

We’re  on a record pace of cases!

It kind of makes the word “fail” have a different meaning. Things are so bad, places like the Huffington Post have an entire section dedicated to all the teacher sex scandals.

I’m tired of the double standard with all this.  A good-looking  female teacher gets busted, and some of you say the kid is lucky. When a male teacher crosses the line, no one smirks... you just want blood!

All teachers who cross the line stink!

Everyone is blaming this mess on social media. We all know the only “sharing” and “liking” going on between a teacher and  student should be about  a good book  or an assignment that’s done well.

But wait a second -- do you really think social media is causing this problem?

Well, it didn’t create it! This story in the New York Times looks recent , but look at the date. Bad teachers didn’t have social media to connect with their students back in 1995!

Yeah,  it's nice some states, like Missouri, have enacted tough laws prohibiting any social media contact between a teacher and student, but it’s not  going to completely solve the problem

We need to Fix this: We have a teacher shortage in this country.  You think  less qualified candidates are making the cut?

So our only hope may be that school districts hire less characters and more people WITH character!

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