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Justin Bieber Holds His Own in Fist Fight, Ends Up On Floor Anyway

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Justin Bieber got into an all-out fist fight Wednesday night in Cleveland.

Video obtained by TMZ shows Bieber having an unfriendly altercation with some guy, then there’s some shoving, then Bieber punches the guy in the face. And he’s a big guy with a big face.

So then it’s a brawl.

The guy — who looks to be nearly twice Bieber’s size — takes The Biebs to the floor pretty quickly. Plenty of people are standing around at the beginning of the video clip, just watching, but when it comes to blows they either try to intervene or get the heck outta there.

The video was posted with the caption, “Justin Bieber getting his ass kicked!”

Not sure how accurate that is; sure, he ended up on the floor, but he did get his licks in. Not that we condone fighting.

Bieber posted to Instagram a photo with the caption, “Not a scratch on this pretty boy.” So maybe he has no regrets?

Witnesses say Bieber was wearing a Cavs shirt and was being hounded for autographs and photo opps, but no word on what actually started the scuffle.

He was in town for the Cleveland vs. Golden State Game 3 of the NBA finals — Cavs beat the Warriors 120-90.

Watch the Slo Mo:

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