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City Denies Irving Water Tower Flooding Claims

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IRVING, TX — Last week, we told you about the Irving water tower that burst, sending a flash flood into the Newport Apartments. Well a week later, things are still a muddy mess.

“We still don’t have nowhere to stay, and they’re trying to make progress. And my daughter, she’s traumatized. She does not want to go into that house,” said LeCreta Jones, one of the residents whose apartment was hardest hit.

Jones’ daughter was trapped for two hours in the flooded apartment when the tidal wave of water hit, and the fear of that day hasn’t worn off.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any restitution in sight for these folks, either.

In a letter sent to the residents from Tristar Risk Management, who represents the City of Irving, the group says that the city is not responsible for the broken water tower because “the broken water tower line was not caused by the actions of any City of Irving’s work crews”.

“OK, y’all saying this is not y’alls fault, then whose fault is it?” said LeCreta. “Me and my baby, we lost everything and we don’t have nothing and if it wasn’t for these two, I don’t know what I would’ve did.”

The residents plan to be at Irving’s City Council meeting Thursday night to plead their case.

A statement for the City of Irving reads...

"The city has reviewed Tristar’s determination and understands that under state law the city is prohibited from paying these types of claims", but that they are "working diligently with multiple religious, nonprofit and for profit organizations to help those affected."

But for these LeCreta Jones and her neighbors, the conclusion seems obvious.

“The tower belongs to the city of Irving,” said Beverly Faggins. “So therefore the city of Irving I feel like should be held responsible.”

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