Lucking Out: Whitehead Thankful He Missed Ill-Fated Party

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VALLEY RANCH - It's not often you can call a guy lucky for missing his own birthday party at a strip club, but it turns out Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead had good fortune on his side early Sunday when he was MIA at a party. Broncos corner back Aqib Talib was shot in the leg; reports say he may have accidentally shot himself.

"It's definitely a bad situation, it was definitely scary,” says Whitehead. “I'm glad he's okay and I hope he recovers, but I'm glad I was never there."

Never there because Lucky says it wasn't really his party in the first place, “It was just like an after party for me, but I kind of knew the DJ -- that's why I knew about the party -- but I've never agreed to having a flyer put out,” explains Whitehead. “That's why it was never on any of my social media; I never promoted it myself.”

The shot in the leg prevented Talib from joining the Broncos during their White House visit on Monday, although he was at the Broncos facility Wednesday morning to see the doctors -- but Talib's time off the field may extend beyond the time it takes for him to rehab.

Talib might have violated up to three Texas gun laws and may face criminal charges. Then there's potential discipline from the NFL for violations of the league's conduct policy.

Just another reminder that even for a Super Bowl champ, it's a thin line between playing in the NFL and looking for a job.

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