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To Put it Bluntly, Marijuana Can Be Addictive

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Heads up all of you cannabis consumers! According to a new study out of U.T. Dallas, long-term marijuana use could have some long term side effects.

“My recent paper has shown that marijuana users who have been using continuously for about 12 years have changes in the pathway of the brain, called the reward system of the brain,”  Dr. Francescea Filbey told NewsFix.

To put it bluntly, this study shows the disruption of the reward system in the brain could be a sign that Mary Jane can be addictive.

But wait, can the same argument be made for sugary drinks or fatty foods?

“My previous study looked at high calorie drinks like chocolate milk or soda, and we found similar things,” said Dr. Filbey. “I think the impact of this to the broader community is just information. I think the more informed we are as a society, the better we can make decisions for ourselves.”

Something to consider next time you have to decide whether to puff or pass.

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