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Love Your Crocs? Well, Uh… We’ve Got Bad News

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NORTH TEXAS  -- Ever had a pair of shoes that had your feet barking like dogs? Yeah, We've all been there. And that's where shoes like Crocs step in. They had us all screaming, "What are thoooose?!" when they hit store shelves back in 2002. For some reason, the easy slip-on clogs have managed to sell more than 300 million pairs all over the world and counting.

But foot doctor, Megan Leahy claims Crocs cause all kinds of issues -- tendinitis, nail problems, corns, and calluses.

They may offer arch support, but they don't really secure your heel. So, if worn over a long period of time, Crocs can cause a lot of painful problems in the end.

This can't be good news for the medical people who live for the Croc life.

But the Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas says wearing the "special" Crocs RX line can help prevent most of those problems listed above.

So, bad news for the Croc haters out there .Just like Uggs, Crocs will probably never go away.

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