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It’s All Good: Help Justin ‘Big Pygmy’ Wren Fight For the Forgotten

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DALLAS -- Don't let Justin Wren's beard and big muscles fool you. The gentle giant spent five years fighting for the enslaved Pygymy Tribe of South Africa.  He's tag-teaming with Water 4 to help dig wells in places where basic necessities are extremely limited.

"Nearly 5,000 children each and everyday die of just dirty water, Justin said"  It's worse than Ebola. It's worse than Cecil the lion. It's worse than all the stuff we focus on," Wren told NewsFix in an exclusive interview.

 Water 4 not only provide fresh H2O, they also give the "Forgotten People" a place to call home.

"The land purchases were huge," Wren added. "Giving them some land of their own that they could be free on -- but  water was what really softened the hearts of their oppressors.'"

Most MMA fighters would want to be known as "bad boy" and rough around the edges! But Justin is breaking stereotypes while still breaking some things in the ring.

Want to help Justin win the fight of his life? Visit Water 4 for more info.

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