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Fears Landslide Could Wipe Out Granbury Apartments

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GRANBURY, Texas -- It was finally a day of sun for the City of Granbury, but the non-stop flooding has washed out homes. At the Lakefront Apartments, folks say they were given 24 hours to get out because the foundation is unstable.

"Police told us we had to leave. They condemned it," said Tina Baker.

Just packing up their stuff for the move made some worry the whole building was about to slide into Lake Granbury.

"It just really made you listen to hear if there was any creaking going on. Sounded like it was fixin' to be gone," Christy Cullen told NewsFix.

A few miles away, Camp Crucis says they got a huge helping of volunteers who worked all day Saturday. More than a dozen cabins were damaged in the floods, but they should be ready to go by next weekend, thanks to their neighbors in Granbury who donated more than $20,000 to their GoFundMe page.

While the cleanup continues, Mission Granbury is swamped  trying to help people with food, clothes and shelter.  They say a lot of people are staying with relatives, for now, but soon will face another problem -- there just aren't many rental properties available in Granbury.

As for Christy Cullen, she says she has a place to go, "I have to go to a nursing home and when that happened I thought, 'Oh my God.'"

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