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Lewisville Boy Hit & Killed While Running From Wasps

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LEWISVILLE, TX — It’s the worst nightmare for any parent: losing a child. On Sunday, eight-year-old Alexander Ramirez was playing with his friends in his neighborhood when a swarm of wasps came around them. Alexander ran away, into the street, where he was hit and killed by a car.

“There’s no words to explain. My mom is just destroyed. They took away her little baby,” said Maria Ramirez, Alexander’s sister. "That was our youngest brother. My dad, both of them haven’t ate, really, they haven’t slept. They’re just horrible right now.”

The roads around the compact neighborhood all have 10 mile per hour speed limits and regularly placed speed bumps. Witnesses say the driver may have been on her cell phone.

Alexander’s family is desperate for answers.

In Spanish, Bertha Ramirez, the boy’s mother, told reporters, “If [the driver] would have been driving at 10 MPH, she would have been able to brake and just hit him but not leave him dead.”

No charges have been filed against the driver, yet, but the investigation by Lewisville PD is ongoing.

But nothing can bring back the eight year old, who was taken so young, but leaves behind so many memories.

“He was [an] outgoing, curious little boy, running everywhere,” Maria said, “He was very happy, everybody loved him here, everybody knew him. He had so many friends here, everybody knew him.”

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