Forget What Google Says, Yolonda is NOT Muhammad Ali’s Widow

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DALLAS -- Google is a great tool used by millions across the country. Not sure what a word means? Google it. Want a recipe? Google it. Want to learn more about someone? Google them.

And that's exactly what people are doing with Muhammad Ali. For the past few days, the world has been Googling his name trying to learn more about the man who called himself "the greatest"

Something that we, here at Newsfix, have learned is the name of his most recent wife from 1986 until his death: Yolanda Williams.

Except something odd happens when you Google it: our Yolonda shows up instead of Ali's widow (update: it looks like Google may have fixed the issue)! The problem stems from Muhammad Ali's IMDB page, which lists NewsFix's Yolonda as his wife.

The Yolanda that was married to Ali goes by the nickname of Lonnie. They were married in November of 1986 and, together, have one son, whom they adopted.

It's, no doubt, been a tough few days for those who idolized Muhammad Ali, but especially tough for those who loved him, like Lonnie.

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