Voly In The Park Gives DFW A Chance To Give Back

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DALLAS — Summer is right around the corner, and for a lot of you that probably means more free time. But instead of going on a Netflix binge, maybe this is the year to start giving back.

Saturday was the third annual "Voly In The Park", sponsored by Volunteer Now. The event brings together over to different organization of all types, from animal services to food pantries to domestic violence help groups.

And if you’re still on the fence about volunteering, keep in mind that it can be just as good for it as it is for the people you’re helping!

“Volunteering is just fun," said Volunteer Now CEO, Tammy Richards. “You meet new people, you learn new skills, you help your community, and there are actually studies that show you live a longer and happier life if you volunteer!”

So giving back is the best medicine. And if you didn’t make it out to this year’s "Voly in the Park", you can always go online to Voly.org and sign up there.

So make this the summer you sign up to make DFW a better place!