Will Alicia Keys’ #NoMakeUp Movement Actually Stick?

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NEW YORK, NY -- Social media has shaken up society's beauty standards. It's usually about contour, matte lipsticks, and false eyelashes. So, it's refreshing to see an influential artist like Alicia Keys singing a new tune when it comes to beauty.

Along with her single In Common, the singer is starting a new online campaign called #NoMakeupMovement.

Check out this photo featuring her bare face, freckles and all.

Alicia tells Fault magazine it's time to own herself, even with breakouts, because there is no perfection in the world.

But, the real beauty in Alicia's movement is that it's become a trending topic on social media.

But, the ugly side? How long will this topic actually trend?

Think about it, when celebs promote natural beauty does it really stick?

Colbie Caillat sang about it in her song 'Try'.

Actress Gina Rodriguez just posted a pic of her half- shaved head and inspired fans.

And don't forget Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty.

Eventually, all that fades away and photo-shopped magazine covers and those Kardashians surface again. No shade, but when is society going to stay true to true beauty?

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