“There’s Hope”: Operation Code Red Aims to Help Women Get Off the Streets

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DALLAS -- It's been a hard life for a lot of women in Dallas.  That's why Victory Outreach started Operation Code Red, an annual day of ministry for women trying to escape from desperation and - all too often - prostitution.

"They're women that have been hurt, that have been abused," said Valerie Perez, a spokesperson for Victory Outreach.

"I was addicted to drugs for over 25 years," said Carol Delacruz, who's been living in a VO women's home and living clean for over six months. "The things that we do to get the things that we need: prostitution, stealing...."

"I've been through a lot," said Savannah, a guest at the event. "I've done some things in my life I probably shouldn't have."

"Getting mixed up in the wrong crowd and meeting the wrong people," Perez said, "They get caught up in that web."

On Friday, the outreach gave those women a chance to change their lives for the better. They got a relaxing spa day too!

"We have a boutique, we have a massage, a pedicure, manicure," Perez said. "We're here to help them in any way, and show them God's love."

But this Operation goes beyond a day of pampering.  They also have group homes to help out over the long haul.

"These are women who are someone's daughter, someone's mother," Perez told NewsFix. "We want to give them hope."

"I'm looking for a change," said Savannah.

Delacruz knows from experience that that change is possible: "Our homes are here to let women know that there is a way out.  There is a place to go!"

"It kinda feels refreshing," Savannah said of the experience. "When I walked in, I was like, 'I feel lighter!'"

Said Delacruz: "There is, there's hope, you know?"

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