Shia LaBeouf Makes Surprise Stop In DFW

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MESQUITE, TX — It’s not everyday an A-List celebrity walks into the gas station where you work to fill up, but that’s what happened to the crew at Fuel City.

“His head was down the whole time. Once he looked up he looked so familiar. 'Is this really Shia LaBeouf?'” Cassandra Tristan, a cashier at Fuel City, recounted.

Yep, the “Eagle Eyed” worker immediately recognized the world famous actor. He was just making a quick pit stop in Mesquite, but he ended up staying for awhile thanks to some car troubles.

“He ended up getting locked out (of) his car, so we had to call Triple-A. He hung out here for like 2 hours.” Cassandra said, “Everybody was coming up to him once they saw him, took pictures and (he) talked to people and he had some corn right at the Taco Shop.”

So the Fuel City’s corn in a cup is now Shia-approved. And it’s good to know that he eats regular food and isn’t actually a cannibal like one popular viral video suggested!

The reason Shia was in town is all part of his latest endeavor called, “Take Me Anywhere”.

The actor tweets out his exact coordinates and invites people to come pick him up and, well, take him anywhere.

It seems he’s “transformed” into quite the avant-garde artist these days. Whether it’s “holing” up in an elevator at Oxford for 24 straight hours, or sitting in a theater for 3 days watching every movie he’s ever been in.

Last month our sister station up in Denver caught up with LaBeouf on his “Take Me Anywhere” journey, and he wanted no part of them.

But it sounds like he was plenty nice to us North Texans, so we’ll call it “Even Steven”!


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