Chew on This: Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

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DALLAS – Grilled cheese. Easily one of the classics that most of us have eaten at least once. And wherever your mind goes to when you think of the sandwich, one restaurant is looking to erase it – and create a whole new experience for this childhood favorite. It's the Dallas Grilled Cheese Company.

"When people come in, I think they really don't know what to expect,” general manager Matthew Davis said. "You don't see a lot of grilled cheese restaurants, especially in Dallas. We're kind of the pioneers. It's a great comfort food. And we don't just make plain grilled cheese, we spice it up and play with it a little bit.”

Case in point, the spicy two pork and cheese – with ham, bacon, swiss cheese, aged cheddar and homemade spice jam.

Chew on This: Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. is dishing out a monster – the barbecue short rib, mac and grilled cheese.

And boy, it’s a mouthful!

"We take the macaroni pasta, mix it with the sauce, put the short rib on it, some other cheeses, push it in two slices of bread, grill it up,” Davis said. “You can't go wrong."

A cheesy challenge that ain't for the weak.

"My favorite part was the macaroni and cheese,” one customer said. "It was just enough."

Now if you aren't as brave as she is, the rustic grilled cheese will also meet your cheesy needs.

"It's just gonna come on a really good piece of a rustic pisano bread,” Davis said. "It's got three different types of cheese in it."

Hey, whatever you choose to sink your teeth in at the Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., you're sure to leave feeling like a kid again!

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