TravelFix: How to Find Cheap Places to Stay Abroad

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SINGAPORE -- We start our worldwide tour with Drew Binsky a.k.a. The Hungry Partier in Singapore.

"Singapore is a small tropical island in Southeast Asia. It's actually a city and a country so I'm in Singapore, Singapore. Right now, I am in the downtown area so this is the city skyline, very urban, very modern.”

We caught up with Drew and asked -- "How can you afford to stay in all these exotic places?!”

Well. number one, avoid expensive hotels. Duh!

Drew suggests using a couple of sites, "The two best websites to find cheap accommodations are Airbnb and Couch Surfing. Airbnb is basically a website where people who have apartments or houses open up their doors and if they have an empty room, you'll pay them. It's often much cheaper than getting a hotel.”

"On the other hand Couch Surfing is free, completely free 100%. It's a nice community of people who also have open spots in their place, sometime a couch, hence the name Couch Surfing."

But wait a minute, sleeping in a stranger's house in a foreign country??? Kind of creepy, but Drew says he's actually had some pretty cool experiences, "I was in Myanmar...I was in a really small city and I went on couch surfing the day before and I found this guy. His name was Simon. He lived there. He was a local and he had this huge palace. It was great. I still talk to him all the time.”

Hey, who needs the Marina Bay Sands when you can get a whole palace to yourself, for free!

That'll do it for this Travel Fix. If you want to check out more tips from drew you can visit or find out where he's at right now by adding him on Snapchat @drewbinksy.

Happy traveling!

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