Plano High School Won’t Allow Senior to Wear National Honor Society Sash

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PLANO, TX -- Seniors at one Texas high school are being told they can't wear their National Honor Society sashes when they graduate later this month and some parents and students are not happy about it.

KellyAnn Frederick's son Garrett is a Senior at Plano Senior High School. Garrett's mom says he's worked hard to maintain the minimum 3.6 GPA required to be a member of the National Honor Society and that it's not fair he won't be able to wear his stole.

But school officials told Eye Opener the situation isn't exactly how it sounds. In a statement, a representative from Plano Senior High School that while students are not allowed to wear special National Honor Society stoles, the school's honor graduates are recognized every year.

Since the school opened in 1975 and with the first graduating class of 1976, students have worn one item of distinction during the graduation ceremony and that is the white honor stole for students with a GPA of 3.6 and above (an academic standard which matches requirements for the National Honor Society). We are aware that many honor students may not also be members of the National Honor Society, but the school has opted not to include additional regalia per tradition.

The statement from Plano Senior High School officials went on to say, "please note that honor graduates are designated as such in the graduation program and are also recognized with a white honor stole and with an announcement of “honor graduate” after their names during the ceremony."

KellyAnn Frederick told Eye Opener she thinks it's awesome that honors students are recognized, but pointed out that two other high schools in Plano allow students to wear their National Honors Society regalia proudly. "An honors student is not necessarily an NHS student," said Frederick.

National Honor Society stoles are traditionally white or gold and bear the NHS seal.

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