Kristin Kreuk Spoils ‘BatB’ Season 4: Where are Catherine and Vincent?

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Kristin Kreuk

Zap2it: Though the fourth and final season of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ begins airing Thursday (June 2) on The CW, the filming of it has been done for a while. Have you adjusted?

Kristin Kreuk: It’s always a weird transition when you stop working. I’m sure it’s like that for everybody who ends up being between jobs, but it’s been really nice. I actually just started school — I never had a chance to go to secondary school, because I was working — and that’s really wonderful. It feels like a funny readjustment, but it’s good and positive.

Zap2it: How was it to make the fourth season, on which you also were a producer, knowing it would be the end of the series?

Kristin Kreuk: We really liked having that. You know that the stories are all going to wrap up, there’s no sense of anything being unknown. Everyone can complete their arc, and that felt really good.

The season starts with (Catherine and Vincent) on their honeymoon, which I think the fans will enjoy. Of course, things will go crazy … as they do every year. It’s a really interesting final arc for the two of them, trying to close out all the threats against them so they can just be normal again. There’s someone who’s looking for beasts, and there’s a bounty out there, so figuring that out is what their focus is.

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Zap2it: The humor level between Vincent and Catherine was amped up last season. Is there more of that in the final round?

Kristin Kreuk: I think we still have that tone. There’s some pretty goofy stuff. Jay (Ryan, who plays Vincent) also is just very funny, and he’ll bring humor to the plate often. There’s still a lightness to the show in the midst of all the drama.

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