How to Get Free Food at These Restaurants Without Getting Arrested

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Free food. Music to our ears.

Prices are just too damn high for everything. Are you with us?! It’s either starve or go broke. So, we’ve figured out ways to score free food — without getting arrested.

Hey, don’t judge us, everything you’re about to read is NOT pretty. But hey, at least you won’t be hungry!


1) Chick-fil-A

chick fil a

We’ll keep it clean with this one. Download or update Chick-fil-A’s free app and voila, you get a free chicken sandwich just like that!


2) AMC Movie Theater

Now for a little dumpster diving. Yes, you read that right. Yes, we may be a tad crazy.

dumpster bear

First thing’s first, BUY your movie ticket, then mosey over to a trash can, fish out an empty popcorn bag, take it to the concession stand and ask for a free refill. You still with us?! No, they won’t fill that bag — they’ll give you a new one loaded with fresh popcorn! But uh… make sure you wash your hands before you dig in, okay?!


3) Red Lobster

You too can be like Yonce — “I take his a** to Red Lobster cause I slay.”


No, you don’t have to join the Illuminati to live out that Beyonce lyric. But you do have to join Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club. It opens the red door (see what we did there) to VIP perks, like a free appetizer or dessert. And don’t forget — free cheddar biscuits. #Yassss!


4) IHOPihop

The Pancake Revolution sounds so cool, right? Well, this exclusive club will have you singing, “Show me the free pancakes, baby!” But if you’re starving, sorry, you’ll have to wait 24 hours to get this free code in your inbox.


5) Six Flags

Okay, another one that may make you think we’re cray-cray. But it works… so we’ve been told.  Any hoot, did you know there’s a secret employee food court?!

six flags

Yep, it’s usually hidden behind a ride in the middle of the park. And get this, it’s fully loaded with all your favs — corny dogs, funnel cakes, turkey legs! Soooo… if you can find that baby, it’s your entryway to free fried food heaven.


6) Pizza Hut

Time to get your carbs on with Hut Lovers.

Pizza Hut

A coupon code is sent to your email address, and just like that, free cheese sticks.


7) Benihana

Go shawty, it’s ya birthday. Hush, yes, it IS your birthday.

britney spears

Ok, now that we’ve settled that, head over to Benihana’s website and register for The Chef’s Table. Don’t forget THIS MONTH is your birthday and you’ll get a $30 gift card to get your eating and drinking on!



Hey, we see that look on your face. But we warned you NOT to judge us.

kanye shrug

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