DJ Hodor at The Door in Dallas?! Hey, It Could Happen!

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DALLAS -- If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you know who Hodor is. He's a gentle giant with a very limited vocabulary. And if you've been on Facebook lately, you've probably noticed the trend of "joke events."

Nickelback at the Dollar Store, Metallica at Subway, GWAR at Toys R Us... isn't the internet hilarious?

But after a recent GoT episode involving Hodor, a door, and some frantic holding, a fan name Jesse Avina posted a new event on Facebook: "Hodor Live at The Door."

Ha! Too soon?

It's a funny joke, involving the Deep Ellum concert venue, but Jared Guynes saw potential.

"The Door is a real-life music venue," Guynes said. "And a lot of people don't even realize that Kristian Nairn is actually a real-life DJ.  And he's a good DJ!"

Plus, not to spoil anything, but uh... safe to say the Hodor actor might have a little more free time after holding that door... might as well spend it throwing his "Rave of Thrones" parties, right?

And Guynes figures Big D might as well host one.

"You know, this could be a lot of fun, I wanna do this," Guynes told NewsFix. "Let's go!"

Hey, if anybody can make it happen, it's Guynes.  Back in March, he packed out AT&T Stadium for the world's biggest Nerf gun battle, and he has the Guinness Book of World Records entry to prove it!

He expects The Door to be just as packed, especially since it only fits about 1,200!

"Based now on what I've seen on Facebook, man, it's gonna sell out like that," he said.

Okay, the real question is this:  Can Hodor at The Door really happen??

"All the ducks are in a row," Guynes insisted. "Really, I'm just waiting on that final email to say we are all green, we are all go."

To be among the first to try and snag your tickets to see Hodor at The Door if/when they go on sale... you can follow Guynes on Facebook.

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