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Starbucks Joins Nitro Coffee Trend

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NEW YORK -- It's kind of like craft beer, but with coffee and the 7th element on the periodic table. Starbucks' newest cold concoction for summer is the 'Nitro-brew,' cold coffee infused with nitrogen and served through a beer tape.

By the end of this summer, Starbucks expects the newfangled iced-coffee drink to beat the heat and boost sales in 500 stores.

Starbucks began serving the brew at the Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle in March for $3.95, and it became the second-best selling item on the menu.

Now the Nitro brew is coming to Starbucks stores across Seattle, New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. The retailer is also introducing a new "cold bar" menu at its 10,000 North American stores this summer.

It will include classic drinks like iced coffee, cold brew and iced espresso -- and a couple of new ideas, including a "vanilla sweet cream" to top off a cold coffee and a "double shot on ice" made with chilled espresso, a dash of milk and a bit of sugar.



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