Missing an Octopus? We Found It In Uptown With Can of Beer ๐Ÿ™

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DALLAS -- You never know what you'll find when walking down the street -- money, keys, a phone... even an octopus. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Early Tuesday, an octopus was found on a street in Uptown, and it wasn't in good shape. It was a hot topic on Reddit, but at least one person tried to make the octopus' transition into the afterlife a little more comfortable by offering it a can of beer.

People we talked to, like passerby Kelem Butts, have a theory as to how our eight-armed friend got stranded.

"I'm guessing that it was probably a homeless person that left it here because you'll see there's also a beer can right next to it. Probably had some octopus and beer," Butts said.

Abraham Chairez shared the same idea, "Must've been a homeless guy sipping a brew here and I guess he didn't finish eating the octopus."

This isn't the first time an animal found on the street has caused a stir. Last summer, it was aย raccoon in Toronto that became all the rage on social media when sympathizers created a memorial for it, after the city took longer than expected to pick it up.

So don't be surprised if a few more items join this beer can before our poor octopus is taken to his final resting place.