Hundreds Walk In Annual “Carry The Load” Memorial Day March

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DALLAS — Hundreds gathered to kick off the annual "Carry The Load" Memorial Day march on Sunday. The walk lasts for 20 hours and 16 minutes, all through the night into Monday and was started by former Navy SEAL, Clint Bruce, to remind folks what the holiday is all about.

“Every year y’all just blow me away every time,” Bruce told the crowd at the opening ceremonies of the march. “This is so much bigger than anyone of us now, this is about you, this is about Texas and this is about doing Memorial Day right.”

Also at the event, former Texas governor Rick Perry addressed the crowd.

“[Memorial Day] is not about an opportunity to take a day off from work. It’s not an opportunity to have a barbecue or drink cold beer, which there’s nothing wrong with any of those two,” Perry joked. “But the fact is, it’s about remembering why we have the freedoms that we have in this country today.”

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