Is Apple Looking to Buy Time Warner?

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CUPERTINO, CA -- The rumor mill is working overtime in Silicon Valley after word spreads that Apple is looking to shake things up in a big way.

First reported by the Financial Times, Apple is considering buying Time Warner, which owns of the likes of Warner Brothers, HBO, the CW Network, and more. Yeah, that could change the landscape of Hollywood as we know it.

The reports started because of Apple's massive amount of cash it has on hand. Tim Cook and company have over $200 billion eating a hole in their pocket and can easily buy (pretty much) any company they want.

Time Warner is worth roughly $60 billion. If Apple's goal is to expand their video streaming business they could easily eat up Netflix, a company valued at roughly $41 billion.

A leap like that isn't too much of a stretch. it's already known that Apple is interested in making Apple TV more of a household name and iPhone sales are dipping a little.

Apple isn't commenting, and neither is Time Warner, but we can only imagine what they would say: "an Apple has no name."

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