The Superbug Doctors Have Been Dreading is Here…

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PENNSYLVANIA – Doctors have been dreading this one for quite some time. And now, it’s here. For the first time, doctors have diagnosed a patient in the U.S. with a superbug resistant to the so-called antibiotic of last resort.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the strain of E. coli was found in the urine of a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman who went to the doctor with symptoms common for a urinary tract infection.

With most antibiotic-resistant superbugs, doctors have been able to rely on colistin, an antibiotic of last resort that can kill the dangerous bacteria.

The strain found in the woman’s urine is resistant to colistin, according to the authors of the report, who wrote that the discovery “heralds the emergence of a truly pan-drug resistant bacteria.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Thomas Frieden speaks in 2015 about the fight against antibiotic-resistant strains: