Body Cams Catch North Texas Cops… Doing AMAZING Things!

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- When it comes to police body cameras, the conversation is usually about holding cops accountable when they do something wrong. But video can capture officer's good moments, too.

That's what happened in Carrollton over the weekend.  The first day CPD's new body cams were rolling, they captured footage of a high-speed chase. It started with a bicycle cop almost run over... and ended with officers rescuing a 6-month-old baby from the backseat of the suspect's vehicle.

Another example? Tuesday in Arlington where dashcam video shows a life-saving decision by Officer Richard Morrison.

After a bystander flagged Morrison down to warn him that a man was threatening people with a knife, and after a brief chase with the erratic driver, Morrison was face-to-face with the suspect.

"As I approached the vehicle with my gun at gun-ready," Morrison recalled. "I could see that he didn't have a weapon in his hands at the time."

So, faced with an unarmed suspect, the officer swapped his gun out for a taser, and took down the aggressive suspect using non-lethal force and some help from nearby Good Samaritans.

"I ended up tazing him a total of four times," said Morrison. "And fortunately, we had some really great citizens that came over to assist me.  Able to handcuff him and get him put in the car."

It was a scene that could have turned ugly, too; cops found a knife, a pistol, an assault rifle and a shotgun in the suspect's car.

But Officer Morrison apprehended him without using deadly force, and the whole thing was caught on video.

Hey, there's a lot to like about body cams.  Not only can they help hold officers accountable when they make the wrong call, but they can also show us what it looks like when they make the right one.