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Frisco Family of 11 Returns From Inspiring One Year Road Trip

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FRISCO -- How often do you roll up from a road trip and see your neighbors, friends, and family holding "Welcome Home" signs? Well,  the Kendricks didn't take your average road trip.

But of course, when you're a family of 11, nothing you do is defined as ordinary.

A year ago, Bruce and Denise packed up their kids, rented out their house in Melissa, crammed in a camper and hit 48 states, plus Mexico and Canada in 365 days.

They went horseback riding in South Dakota, hit the slopes in Colorado, and even explored the Grand Canyon.

"That's what I enjoyed over the year was seeing the country," Denise said. "But also seeing my kids meet new people and experiences."

Although they ended up traveling thousands of miles across America sightseeing, the Kendricks' main reason for the road trip is something that really hit close to home.

"The purpose of the entire trip was to go and share with community churches the needs for vulnerable and abused children," Bruce explained.

Giving back is something Bruce and Denise are no stranger to. They've adopted five of their nine kids and founders of a local foster facility called Embrace Texas.

"We've had space in our home and love to give a family to these children," said Bruce.

On their road trip, they made a stop at the White House where they were given the Congressional Coalition on Adoption "Angels in Adoption" award.

"This was an adventure of a lifetime," Denise added. "And if somebody was thinking about it, I'd say go for it!"

Sounds like the Kendrick family has taken "Go big or stay home" to heart.