Dallas Reads: Big D Lands on ‘Most Well-Read Cities’ List

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DALLAS — Looks like Big D has been hitting the books. This week, Amazon released their annual list of the "Top 20 Most Well Read Cities in America" and for the first time, Dallas has cracked the list -- coming in at #19!

And that’s good news for small bookstores like the Wild Detectives.

“It really spurs that imagination and makes people more interested in actually coming to a place where they can interact and not necessarily just sit at home and buy something online," said Carlos Guajardo, manager of Wild Detectives.

Nationwide, the number of US Adults who say they read at least one book a year has dropped by 7% since 2011.

We asked some patrons at the bookstore how many books they read in a year and the answers varied from "3 or 4" all the way to 40. And that seems to be good enough to put Dallas in the Top 20.

But there’s still work to be done. In the Lone Star State, we’re still behind #5 Austin and #15 Houston on the list. San Antonio is just one spot behind us.

So do your part. Turn off that TV and pick up a good read! Ummm… right after NewsFix of course.