Arlington PD Getting Ready to Drop ‘Running Man’ Challenge Video

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ARLINGTON -- When most people think of cops running, it's in pursuit of criminals. But lately, it's in pursuit of just plain fun. The viral sensation known as the "Running Man Challenge" has taken over the world. And now, the world's police departments.

From Detroit to Miami, all the way to New Zealand, cops are taking a break from patrolling the beat in order to dance to it.

Now a North Texas police department is joining the party. On Thursday, Arlington PD met at Six Flags to get ready to release their own running man challenge video.

"Everyone's here to have fun and make our video the best that we can make it," Officer Zhivonni McDonnell said.

But Arlington PD is looking to make their video the most special of all as they plan to include participants from the Special Olympics.

"It's going to be a big party in the field," McDonnell told NewsFix. "And we're going to videotape it and make that part of our challenge."

She also shared how making the video has been a bonding experience for her and the other cops on the force, "What's really great and unique about this challenge is that it's bringing all of the officers together who want to be a part of making this video production a success."

Keep an eye out for Arlington's take on the "Running Man" challenge to drop next week.