5 Sites That Help You Decide What to Watch on Netflix

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If picking a movie to watch is like pulling teeth -- and there’s the constant battle of what he likes, she likes, what about the kids, grandpa likes action, grandma wants something with Brad Pitt, what about the dog, blah blah blah blah blah -- don’t worry. Our good friends at Dose.com have scoured the internet and found some amazing sites that will hopefully make everybody happy come movie night.

If it’s gotta be Netflix, check out NetflixRoulette.net.  You can specify the movies you like by actor, director or even keyword and the entire Netflix library is at you fingertips.  The downside is there’s only one result per spin, and not every movie is available for streaming, but, it could still help if you’re having trouble deciding.

Also there’s SuggestMeMovie.com.  You pull it up and there’s a movie right there with the trailer.  If you want a little more control you can put in a year and genre and even score on IMDb.  You apply those filters and, bam another movie pops up.

Similarly, ClueMeAMovie.com has a tons of filters including IMDb score, how many votes a movie got, and genre. So once you fill out your filters and click “find my movie,” it’ll pull up the trailer and give you the option to reveal the plot or not.  It also has three ways to view the selected film but the links are still in beta, so you may have to go outside of Netflix for this one.

But, if you’re subscribed to almost any other way to get a movie plus  you and your someone special are looking for something you both will like, there's DateNightMovies.com.  You put in what movie you like, and your main squeeze puts in what they like and voila, a sea of options that fit both tastes, plus exactly where to watch it.

And if you’re feeling a little adventurous check out AGoodMovieToWatch.com.  It’s geared more towards film buffs, but if you’re looking for a great movie, you probably haven’t seen, this is the site.  The have a little breakdown on every film up there and they tell you exactly where you can watch it.

Hopefully, at least one of thees sites will help speed up the excruciating process that is deciding what to watch on movie night.