We’re Going Bananas Over Cute Baby Gorilla & Girl at Fort Worth Zoo

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FORT WORTH — We can’t stop saying “Awwwwwwww!” This picture of a baby gorilla at the Fort Worth Zoo playing “monkey see, money do” with his new bestie is just too cute for words.

That’s Gus and 2-year-old Braylee. Aren’t they adorbs?!?!

We aren’t the only ones going bananas over these two. From Twitter to Facebook, this picture is being shared thousands of times.

Awww… Gus was born in December at the Fort Worth Zoo and he’s already a rock star. But he has big shoes to fill. He’s named after Captain Augustus McCrae, the fictional hero of the iconic novel “Lonesome Dove.”

Lonesome, he is not, however. We’re sure Curious Gus will have plenty of new admirers to play with in the future.