Susan Hawk Supporters Say She Can Balance Mental Illness & Work

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DALLAS -- Embattled Dallas DA Susan Hawk remains in treatment at a mental illness facility in Houston. Folks in the legal community are split on whether she should step down from her elected position and focus on her health.

“I obviously wish her a speedy recovery, but unfortunately, I don't think that Dallas County should have to wait before they can have an everyday DA,”  Dallas Attorney Heath Harris told NewsFix.

“Calls for her resignation are premature," said Dallas Attorney George R. Milner III. "If she had breast cancer and was in the hospital, not one person would dare say she should step down.”

While the lawyers are split on this case, some believe it may not be possible to hold a high pressure job, like being district attorney, while dealing with mental illness.

“Many people hold high power jobs, jobs that are lots of pressure, but then those have to be dealt with, with a lot of support, “ Elizabeth Scrivner said.

Licensed councilor Elizabeth Scrivner, who has not treated Susan Hawk, says those dealing with mental illness can have high pressure jobs and  be successful.

“You have to pay attention to it, you can't ignore it. If you are battling a mental illness -- bipolar, depression, anxiety -- those usually don't go away. They’re treated,” Scrivner said.

So, does he think she should step down?  Scrivner says that decision should be one Hawk and her docs decide.

“She needs to do what's best for her, as we all do in recognizing I can be brilliant, I can be amazing -- but can I be brilliant and amazing in that position?”