Man Kicked Out of Ice Cream Shop For Screaming at 2 Muslim Women

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ORANGE, Calif. -- Two young muslim woman were accosted by an anonymous guy while eating ice cream.

The incident happened at Andrews Ice Cream and Desserts in Orange, California.

The man keep yelling “I don't want them near my country.”  This didn't disturb the two women who continued to calmy eat their deserts.

One of the women Nura Takkish, tapped the incident and tweeted it out to her followers, saying “When you just trying to eat your ice cream but Trump Supporters won't let you live.”


Takkish is heard telling the man in the video, “Too bad, we’re here. Sucks for you.”

The man then responds, “Sucks for me? You’ll see what happens,” before the employee escorts him out.

The tweet has been retweeted over 17,000 times and liked over 21,000 times.

Many showed their support for the two women and even the ice cream shop owner.

A few Tweeters like Chicago Dungeon mocked the man.

A few people did tweet racist sentiments to Nura but for the most part, people shared their support.. Nura responded saying