How a Facebook ‘Poke’ Landed This Guy in the Pokey

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MILFORD, Conn. — Those Facebook “pokes” are so annoying. But enough to send someone to jail?! In this case, yes. A Facebook poke actually landed a guy in the pokey.

Okay, it wasn’t JUST for being annoying.

Facebook poke arrest

Eric Bauer

Cops in Connecticut say when Eric Bauer Facebook poked a woman, he violated a restraining order she filed against him, WTIC reports.

But Bauer’s buddy says, it’s not what you think. She showed reporters her Android phone, similar to his, where the “poke “and the “block” button are right next to each other. She says he was trying to block the woman when he hit poke instead.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

Either way, cops weren’t buying it. Bauer was charged with a violation of a protective order and violation of a restraining order. Each carry up to five years in prison.

And FYI… if you’re tired of those annoying Facebook pokes, here’s how to turn them off.