Gassed Up — Investors Want Exxon to Account for Climate Change

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DALLAS -- We've probably all been too distracted by those low gas prices to even realize what's really up. Investors rallied outside of Exxon's annual shareholder's meeting in Dallas Wednesday morning. They were pumped up about issues related to global warming, fracking and whether Exxon would pass a dozen proposals that could stop climate change altogether.

"I think it's going to help bring awareness to people who invest," one protester told NewsFix. "Instead of developing solutions, they double down on the long solution because that's in their DNA. They could be an energy company but they're an oil company!"

Anna Kalinsky, the granddaughter of an ex-scientist who worked for the oil giant back in the day, was there to speak up and out...

"My grandfather told Exxon executives about the risks of climate change in 1977," Kalinsky said to the crowd.

Hours later, Exxon shareholders ended up passing a measure that could put a climate expert on their board, but they still gave a thumbs down to all other proposals related to climate change.

Guess this means the chance of Exxon "going green" anytime soon is still up in the air.

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