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Shawn’s Fight Song: Musician With Autism Rocks the Hilton Anatole

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DALLAS -- The lyrics of Rachel Platten’s smash hit ‘Fight Song’ paint a clear picture of strength and resolve that can touch just about everyone. Shawn Piper fits perfectly into that category.

“We've found something he loves, and this can be his life,” his mother Monica Piper said.

Yeah, you can hardly get Shawn to stop singing, with Platten’s song being one of the favorites.

Sounds like a typical teenager, right? But Shawn, a Frisco native, isn’t your average 13-year-old. He’s autistic, leaving him fighting to find his way in a lot of situations.

But that doesn’t apply to music.

"Before he was even talking, he was humming and humming in perfect pitch,” Monica Piper said. "He would hum classical songs and classical pieces perfectly. Then it was on to the Wiggles and U2."

That brings us to Tuesday night where Shawn played with country singer Billy Dawson at the Hilton Anatole.

It’s the Inaugural Charity Concert for a non-profit called Music Movement, and it’s headlined by Sister Hazel.

The goal: to end the stigma surrounding autistic kids.

"They live in such a wonderful world,” said Music Movement founder Suzie Woolf D’Agostino. "They are able to flourish and come out of their shells.”

And that’s just what Shawn intends to do.

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